Chameleon Yellow Diamond, 2.19 Carat, Pear Shape, VS1 Clarity

This unique chameleon diamond is of yellow nature, it is graded as fancy dark brown greenish yellow. the color of this diamond changes temporarily when gently heated, or when left in darkness for a long period of time, making this diamond so desirable and hand picked by our specialist, please see certificate by GIA attached here. 

The Dance of Colors - Fancy Dark Brown Greenish Yellow

Embrace the extraordinary with our Chameleon Yellow Diamond, a marvel among natural diamonds. This pear-shaped treasure is celebrated for its fancy dark brown, greenish yellow hue, a color that captivates and enchants. Unique among chameleon diamonds, its ability to change color - from yellowish-green to grayish-greenish - when exposed to light or left in darkness makes it a phenomenon in the world of fancy color diamonds. Its vivid and intense color transformation embodies a charm that's both mystical and alluring, ensuring that this diamond is not just a jewel but a living, breathing entity of elegance.


A Testament to Rarity - 2.19 Carats of Splendor

Weighing a remarkable 2.19 carat, this pear diamond is a symbol of grandeur and opulence. Perfectly suited for those seeking a 2 carat diamond engagement ring, it offers a significant and striking presence. Its size is a testament to its rarity, making it the perfect diamond for those seeking beauty and stature in their diamond jewelry.


The Art of Elegance - Peerless Pear Cut

The pear cut diamond, known for its exquisite blend of the round and marquise cuts, is a masterpiece of diamond cut artistry. With an excellent cut that maximizes its radiance, this pear-shaped diamond engagement wonder is designed to capture light and reflect it with unparalleled brilliance. The pear diamond, a popular choice for engagement ring settings, represents not just a choice in style but a declaration of individuality.


Purity Personified - VS1 Clarity, A Vision of Perfection

This chameleon diamond boasts a VS1 clarity grade, placing it among the elite for high clarity grade diamonds. This clarity ensures that it is an eye-clean diamond, free from visible inclusions and blemishes to the naked eye. The high clarity grade amplifies its natural beauty, making it a flawless diamond and a symbol of unblemished perfection. Ideal for a solitaire or halo setting, this 2 carat diamond engagement ring stone is a testament to both nature's generosity and human craftsmanship.


Your Journey to the Perfect Diamond

In this chameleon diamond, you'll find the perfect diamond, possessing diamond fluorescence that narrates a story of transformation and wonder. This pear-shaped diamond, ideal for the most exquisite engagement ring settings, invites you to embark on a journey where elegance meets the extraordinary. Its unique ability to change color, exceptional cut, and high clarity grade stands as a symbol

of rarity and luxury. Discover the enchantment of this 2.19-carat chameleon yellow diamond and let its captivating beauty be the centerpiece of your most cherished moments.