The 10 Most Expensive Pink Diamond Rings in the World

July 18, 2023

Before we embark on our journey to explore the ten most expensive pink diamond rings, let's take a moment to understand the alluring nature of pink diamonds. These remarkable diamonds, sought after because of their scarcity and exquisite color, hold a special place in the world of fancy color diamonds. 

Pink diamonds are primarily mined in a few select locations, including India, Russia, Canada, and Brazil, but the most famous ones, known as argyle pink diamonds, come from the renowned Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. Their captivating hues range from delicate pastels to vibrant shades, with intensity and saturation contributing to their rarity and value. Pink diamonds symbolize love, romance, and femininity, making them a sought-after choice for engagement rings and sentimental jewelry.

The World's 10 Most Expensive Pink Diamonds

The Sweet Josephine Diamond

 With its breathtaking 16.08 carats, the Sweet Josephine Diamond is set in a platinum ring and encircled by twin colorless diamond halos. This rare gem is one of the largest cushion cut diamonds and is graded as a fancy vivid pink with exceptional clarity (VVS2). Its last known sale was at a Christie's auction, reaching $28.5 million. This extraordinary diamond, named after its current owner, remains one of the most remarkable pink diamonds. sweet josephine diamond


The Sakura Pink Diamond

 Sakura Pink Diamond The Sakura Pink Diamond, weighing an impressive 15.81 carats, is the largest flawless or internally flawless fancy purple pink natural diamond the GIA had graded as of February 2020. It is set in platinum and gold and has colorless half-moon diamonds on either side. It was last sold at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong for a remarkable $37.7 million at auction, a testament to its unrivaled elegance.


The Unique Pink

As its name suggests, the Unique Pink stands apart from the rest with its distinctive 15.38 carats. This fancy vivid pink pear cut diamond exhibits remarkable color saturation, and as noted by the GIA, it has a 'stunning clarity and exceedingly pure structure.' The Unique Pink truly lives up to its name, and it's easy to see why this stunning stone had a price tag of $31.5 million at a Sotheby's auction in 2016.  

The Pink Promise

 Weighing an impressive 14.93 carats, the oval cut Pink Promise showcases a stunning, fancy vivid pink color. This remarkable diamond is surrounded by round cut diamonds that also decorate the band. At an auction in 2017, it commanded a price of $32.4 million, a testament to its exceptional quality and significance.


The Eternal Pink Diamond

The Eternal Pink Diamond, weighing an extraordinary 10.57 carats, captures the essence of timeless beauty and will impress even the most seasoned gemologist. Trapezoid-shaped diamonds flank the fancy vivid purplish pink, internally flawless stone in its ring setting. Sotheby's last sold it at a New York auction in 2023 for an astonishing $34.8 million.

The Princie Diamond:

fancy intense pink diamond 34.65 carat cushion cut pink princie diamond  The Princie Diamond, a magnificent 34.65-carat cushion cut fancy intense pink diamond, boasts a captivating history. This diamond was discovered over 300 years ago in the Golconda mines of India and was named in honor of a young prince from Baroda. It was once purchased by Van Cleef & Arpels in 1960 and was last purchased by a Qatari royal in 2013 for $39.3 million, making it the most expensive loose pink diamond ever sold at auction.

The Graff Pink

Regarded as one of the most famous pink diamonds, the rectangularly cut Graff Pink weighs 24.78 carats and showcases a mesmerizing intense pink hue. This exceptional gemstone, set in a platinum ring and accented with two shield-shaped colorless diamonds, achieved a record-breaking price of $46.1 million at auction. The Graff Pink's unique color and impeccable clarity are a testament to its remarkable value.  

The Pink Legacy Diamond

 The Pink Legacy Diamond, weighing an impressive 18.96 carats, radiates an extraordinary color that can only be described as pure pink perfection. Its fancy vivid pink color, VS2 clarity, and unique cut-cornered rectangular cut earned it a $50.4 million price tag at auction in 2018, setting a price-per-carat world record for a pink diamond.

The Williamson Pink Star

 The Williamson Pink Star is an 11.15-carat fancy vivid pink internally flawless diamond. The uncut colored diamond was gifted to then Princess Elizabeth II when she married Prince Philip in 1947. Initially estimated at $21 million, it shocked the world when it was sold for $49.9 million and later set an auction record in 2022 when it went for a mind-boggling $57.7 million. At that time, it was set in a ring with two trapeze cut diamonds and enhanced with brilliant cut pink melee.

The Pink Star

  Weighing an awe-inspiring 59.6 carats, the Pink Star holds the title of the largest natural fancy vivid pink internally flawless pink diamond known to exist. It was mined by De Beers in 1999 and, in its rough form, weighed 132.5 carats. This magnificent stone is set in the simplest setting, as it needs nothing more to showcase its beauty. It sold for a remarkable $71.1 million in 2017, setting a world record for any diamond sold at auction.

Buying a Pink Diamond Ring

While the price tags of these extraordinary pink diamonds may be beyond the reach of most, it's important to note that anyone can own a pink diamond and design a bespoke pink engagement ring or sentimental jewelry piece. When shopping for a pink diamond, consider factors such as color intensity, clarity, carat weight, and budget. Collaborating with a reputable jeweler who specializes in colored diamonds can help you select a stone that resonates with your unique style, perfectly reflecting you.

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