Investing in Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are the fastest growing hard asset investment in the world, with the demand for them steadily growing as they get rarer. They have become extremely popular for a number of reasons, including their incredible price growth over the past fifteen years, their portability, and their value retention

As with any investment, in order to earn significant returns you’ll need to make educated and informed decisions about how and when to invest. Here at VMK you’ll find experts to tell you everything you need to know about investing in colored diamonds and help you build up a profitable investment portfolio that allows you to stay away from the volatile world of stocks and other unstable assets.

Why Colored Diamonds?

Well Established Market

Being that fancy and unique colored diamonds are a hard asset, they have a solid history of retaining and increasing their value, even throughout turbulent financial times. Charts of the past 35 years of colored diamond sales illustrate that there has been a steady incline in colored diamond prices and their appreciation shows no sign of slowing.

Long Term Growth

Whenever considering an investment, the first factor to take into account is supply and demand. How popular is this commodity on the market, and how much of it is available to buyers? Although the stock market has proved time and again that there is no such thing as a sure investment, there are options that are basically guaranteed to return a profit, based on simple evidence from past years.

Fancy colored diamonds have established their standing as a safe investment, as prices for all rare colors have risen substantially over the past two decades or so. As their market value increases they grow scarcer, with less fancy colors being found and mined each year and many colored diamond producing mines shutting down. Consider this astounding statistic: for every 10,000 carats of diamonds that are mined, only one carat will possess natural color.


A big advantage to investing in diamonds in general is their ease of transport, unlike other rare investments such as precious metals. Their tiny size makes storage and moving a breeze. No heavy lugging and no special arrangements are necessary in order to travel with diamonds, and they can be carried away in a bag or a pocket at even a moment’s notice.


As one of the rarest materials in the world, fancy colored diamonds are also a very secure investment. Their extraordinary value makes them an unlikely target for thieves who would have a very hard time selling them, and their compact size makes them incredibly easy to conceal in any number of ways.


Diamonds do not have to be declared for tax purposes, making them one of the most cost-effective ways to store your wealth. It is also easy to buy them anonymously in auctions and private transactions, keeping yourself and your investments out of the public eye.


Diamonds, and especially Fancy Colors, are one of the most durable materials known to man, both physically and historically. Physically, diamond is pretty much the hardest natural substance found in nature, and we know of diamonds that have stood the test of time for at least three centuries and probably more. Historically, fancy colored diamonds have been prized by royalty and high society for their magnificent array of colors and luxuriant beauty.


As an added perk to its obvious investment advantages, a fancy colored diamond may just be the most beautiful creation of nature that you ever get to behold. They make stunning collectibles on their own, or they can be used to create unique statement jewelry that combines the perfect measures of class and fashion.

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