VMK Diamonds - All about Our Company

Our Founder

Mishael Vardi, founder and CEO of VMK Diamonds has lived and breathed diamonds ever since he can remember. His keen eye and knack for the industry were immediately apparent even when he was a young boy, accompanying his father to work in the Bourse, Israel's primary diamond exchange district in Ramat Gan. By the time he was a teenager, he was accompanying his father to important deals and trades. When he was twenty-two years old, he joined his father’s business and spent the next five years learning the ropes of the diamond trade and gaining invaluable experience.

Why We Love Diamonds

“It's all about emotions,” says Mishael Vardi. We love getting to know our clients and understanding what piece will match their tastes and interests, whether they are surprising someone, or planning together for a special milestone or anniversary. Fancy colors in particular, Mishael says, make an exciting fashion statement.  "Buy something beautiful and fashionable that make your emotions go wild, and you can resell it for an appreciation. Where can you go wrong?"

VMK is Born

Mishael's passion for these small but mesmerizing stones drove him to begin building his own collection of diamonds. His genuine love for the diamond industry combined with his talent, skill, attention to detail, and the right dose of Divine Providence was the start of VMK Diamonds, a diamond wholesale company he founded in 2006, naming the business after himself and his wife, Keren. The first year in business VMK won an achievement award from the Israeli Export Ministry for such a successful first year.

Purest Color at the Best Price

Today VMK prides itself on selling quality, retail diamonds at wholesale prices, saving the customer the cost of a middleman (or two, or three!) VMK also specializes in the colorful side of the diamond world, fancy colors, a niche of diamonds so precious and rare that only one in 10,000 occurs naturally. Mishael has one of the world's most trained eyes when it comes to the colors, hues, and design of fancy color diamonds. He travels the globe regularly, scouring destinations such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States for the most vivid and flawless colored diamonds available. His dedication to finding the highest quality gemstones carries into his passion for creating high-end jewelry at the best price.