Jewelry for Women

Know exactly what you want, but can't put a name to it? Want to buy your partner that perfect piece of jewelry for your upcoming occasion? Sharpen your jewelry vocabulary skills with this concise jewelry glossary. 


Colored Diamond Rings

Solitaire Rings

For a traditional engagement ring, the elegant simplicity of a solitaire diamond ring is unparalleled. But it can be exceeded. Even when it stands alone as a solitaire, a fancy color diamond ring is anything but ordinary.

Three Stone Rings

Side stones can be a creative and affordable way to customize a look that’s all your own, whether you choose more traditional halfmoons, vintage baguettes, or a modern look with matching trilliant side stones. In the world of fancy colors, the possibilities for mixing and matching colors to suit your tastes are endless.

Pair a fancy color diamond center stone with colorless diamond side stones for a more classic look, or surround colors with colors – the choice is yours.  Add another dimension to the possibilities by factoring color, whether it’s colored accents for a large colorless center stone, or as a color complement to another fancy color diamond. For maximum effect, it’s important to properly assess the hues and overtones of your colored diamonds to ensure that all of its color attributes are considered when pairing with side stones.

Our master jewelers can assess the colors and cuts that will combine to create the most stunning effect.

Wedding Sets

If you plan on wearing your engagement ring on the same finger as your wedding ring, it’s important to consider how the rings will fit together and how the settings on each will allow the light through with a neighboring ring nearby.

Whether you want an exact match, with an identical engagement ring and wedding ring band, or a pair that complements each other, like a solitaire engagement ring and pave wedding band, our jewelry consultants and VMK will be delighted to assist you in designing your desired look.


Just when you thought a diamond couldn’t shine more brightly, a halo adds more sparkle. This style, a popular choice for engagement rings, especially among celebrities, features round micropave diamonds surrounding the center stone.

Wedding Bands

Nothing marks the commitment of a lifetime like the durability and timelessness of a diamond. A wedding band adorned with fancy colors is even more spectacular, and as unique as your special bond.

Promise Rings

Express your commitment in a way that no words can with a fancy color promise ring. Whether you choose from our exquisite styles or build your own, our promise to you is the recipient's glowing smile.

Anniversary Rings

Commemorate the time shared with your partner for life with a one-of-a-kind anniversary ring. Whether it's your first or your fiftieth, you'll fall in love all over again.

Eternity Rings

Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, returning from a trip, or just want to show your loved one how much you care; for whatever meaning you choose, there is an eternity ring style for you.


There is nothing that frames a face better than a sparkling pair of diamond earrings. With our incredible selection of styles and prices, you will find the pair that brings out your natural glow. Due to the uniqueness of each colored diamond, pairing up colored diamonds for earrings is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, VMK Diamonds specializes in scouring the diamond market in all corners of the globe to create colored diamond pairs that will later become some of the most stunning jewelry in the world.


A jewelry staple for men and women alike, stud diamond earrings perk up any look, whether business, casual, or out on the town.


Whether you prefer big bangles or small elegant hoops, what earring couldn't benefit from a diamond embellishment?


A fancy color diamond truly shines as it dances in the light. The magic of a dangle earring is that it hangs from a stud or clip at the top, allowing the gems and accents to swing freely and glitter.

Drop Earrings

Unlike dangle earrings, drop earrings hang from the earlobe in a fixed position. With a fancy color diamond glowing from the end, no one will want to take their eyes off them.


“Huggie” or “hugger” earrings loop tightly around the earlobe. A major benefit of this style is that they fit tightly to the earlobe, providing maximum comfort and safety for active people and those with small children.


Once your wrist is adorned with one VMK’s appealing color diamond bracelets, you’ll wonder how you ever got dressed without it. With many sophisticated and feminine styles to choose from, there’s a bracelet for every occasion. You can opt for a colored twist on the classic tennis bracelet, or get creative with many unique styles that you can treasure forever. The magic of a fancy color diamond bracelet is that it's just as easy for both the wearer and those around to admire the unique sparkle each gem holds.

Tennis Bracelets

A tennis bracelet is a flexible piece of jewelry that has uniformly cut stones around its entirety. Originally designed for the athletic woman, the tennis bracelet was able to go from the simplicity of a t-shirt to an evening gown effortlessly. Now considered one of the most coveted pieces of jewelry for women of all ages, the tennis bracelet is a timeless, elegant, and classy piece for all occasions. To ensure comfort and safety the bracelet features a double clasp and a four-pronged setting for the diamonds. The more modern pieces are featuring either a single colored diamond, or a complete rainbow of colored diamonds complementing each other and personalizing the piece for its wearer.


Bangle bracelets are very firm and cylindrical in shape in contrast to the flexibility of tennis bracelets.Bangles can have a very thin band or thick band. What makes a bangle unique is its non-flexibility and maintained shape. Depending on the style it may be worn in clusters or as a single statement piece. Embedding colored diamonds into the gold is an added way of personalizing an already unique style of jewelry. Bangles can either have a clasp that is easily opened, or are designed wide enough that you can slide it over your hand.


Cuffs are making a big comeback thanks to the red carpet. A cuff is an open piece of jewelry with an intricate design that can be worn on the upper arm, lower arm, or even around the palm of the hand. It is a big statement piece that can accessorize absolutely any style of clothing.

Colored Diamond Necklaces

From trendy to timeless, VMK Diamonds has the necklace or pendant to perfectly complement every mood and moment. Surprise your loved one with a stunning solitaire diamond pendant that will be treasured forever, or a diamond studded necklace that will turn heads at your next occasion.


Classic diamond jewelry never goes out of style, and what could be more tried and true than a diamond necklace to show your loved one just how much you care?


Fancy colored diamonds create a modern look with one of the most ancient forms of bodily adornment. Choose from a variety of our selected settings or create your own.