What mean BS"D and what about Diamond?

You may be wondering about the meaning of the acronym at the top of our website, so here's a short explanation. The three Hebrew letters, Bet (B), Samach (S) and Dalet (D) are an acronym for the Aramaic words "Besiyata Dishmaya" meaning "with the help of Heaven." These words are a small reminder that anything of value in our daily lives and affairs is only possible with the G-d's help. When we write these words we are acknowledging that after all of our work is said and done, our success is all in G-d's hand and we trust that He will provide every individual with exactly what he/she needs. The custom of writing this phrase on top all documents and correspondence dates as far back as the 15th century, where it is found mentioned in the writings of Rabbi YosefKaro, the author of the ShulchanAruch or the Code of Jewish Law.

Colored Diamond Certificat