Most Current News On Fancy Color Diamonds

Price and Value of a Natural Polished Diamond

Discussion of what directly affects the price of a natural diamond, we will discuss how diamonds are polished, priced, and valued. 

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Visit us at the Hong Kong Asia World Expo Diamond Exhibition

We are in Hong Kong 27th February 2024 till 1st of March 2024 come see our collection of colored diamonds, we are located at Hall 7 Booth #F25 of the Asia World Expo (airport)

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What Are the Different Cuts of Diamonds?

what are the different cuts of diamonds

Diamonds are evaluated based on four key characteristics, known as the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Among these, cut is arguably the most important factor influencing a diamond's sparkle. While many confuse cut with shape, which refers to the diamond's overall outline (round, oval, pear, etc.), cut is what determines a diamond's ability to reflect light and twinkle. 

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Do Diamonds Look Better in White or Yellow Gold?

Do Diamonds Look Better in White or Yellow Gold

You've found the diamond of your dreams—a sparkling stone that has captured your heart. Just when you thought the most challenging part was over, you're faced with a new equally difficult challenge: should you choose white gold or yellow gold for your engagement ring, necklace, or bracelet?

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What Is a Chameleon Diamond?

What is a Chameleon Diamond

You've likely seen diamonds with deep fuchsia pink hues, bright canary yellow tones, or sparkling colorless ones, but imagine a diamond that transforms from a cool, mossy green to a fiery orange. Although that sounds like magic, it's not; it's the life of a chameleon diamond, a rare and mesmerizing diamond that possesses a true color-changing phenomenon.

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How Are Diamonds Graded? GIA, 4Cs and more

How Are Diamonds Graded

It's easy to stare at a diamond and become entranced by its sparkle, but have you ever wondered what makes these gems so valuable? Understanding diamond grading, the systematic process of analyzing and quantifying a diamond's quality will help you make a more informed and confident decision when buying these mesmerizing gemstones.

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What Is an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond?

Green Yellow Diamond 0.31 carat elgongated cushion cut diamond

While the classic cushion cut, with its square silhouette and soft corners, has always held a timeless charm, the elongated, more rectangular version, known as an elongated cushion cut diamond, takes it to a whole new level.

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Can Diamonds Get Scratched?

can diamonds get scratched

Imagine clinking your diamond ring against your metal belt buckle or accidentally banging your hand against a concrete wall. Instantly, you feel a cringe in your stomach as you envision a cruel scratch marring the diamond's flawless surface. You hesitate to look at your ring because you don't want to see the damage.

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How Are Diamonds Cut and Polished?

How Are Diamonds Cut and Polished

To those who have never seen one, an original rough diamond looks like an unassuming, cloudy stone with little value. However, what is hidden underneath, waiting to be brought out into the light, is a breathtaking diamond with mesmerizing sparkle, fire, and brilliance.

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What Is a Yellow Diamond? Fancy Yellow Diamond Guide

what is a yellow diamond

Colorful diamonds are a fun way to add a unique, exciting touch to diamond jewelry and engagement rings. Of the 12 primary diamond colors, fancy yellow diamonds are some of the most sought-after stones.

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Do Engagement Rings Have to Be Diamonds?

Do Engagement Rings Have to Be Diamonds

Engagement rings are a key piece of jewelry in a couple's journey, often showcasing a striking, colorless diamond as the centerpiece. This traditional choice resonates with many brides, reflecting a unique style and aesthetic. The settings, metals, and accent stones of these rings vary greatly, tailored to echo the wearer's personal taste and style.

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Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

Why Are Diamonds So Expensive

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but that friendship can come at a high cost. Is the relationship worth it? Absolutely! While people and relationships are mortal, diamonds are enduring, nearly impossible to destroy, and can be passed down over generations, increasing in both sentimental and financial value. Many beautiful things cost money, but many consumers wonder why diamonds are so expensive.

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How Many Colors of Diamonds Are There?

How Many Colors of Diamonds Are There

Diamonds, often celebrated for their brilliance and clarity, also come in a captivating array of colors that extend beyond the traditional colorless stones. While many consumers are familiar with popular choices like pink and yellow diamonds, there's an entire rainbow-colored world of fancy diamonds that sparkle, glow, and glitter just as much as their colorless counterparts.

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Are Oval Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Are Oval Cut Diamonds More Expensive

Selecting the perfect diamond is an individual journey, reflecting your distinct style and preferences. Among the initial critical decisions is choosing the right diamond shape. The debate often comes down to a choice between the classic round cut and the elegant oval cut. While the round cut is renowned for its timeless popularity, this very popularity often results in a higher cost.

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What Is Fluorescence in a Diamond?

What Is Fluorescence in a Diamond

Selecting the ideal diamond is a complex process, with a myriad of elements that shape its beauty and worth. Among these, diamond fluorescence is a characteristic that intrigues many purchasers. This phenomenon can bestow a diamond with an enchanting glow or, conversely, provoke doubts regarding its visual appeal.

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Where Are Diamonds Found?

where are diamonds found

Over 100 million carats of rough diamonds per year are mined, with some years far exceeding that. Between 2005-2008, rough carat production ranged from163-177 million carats per year. Where do all these diamonds come from?

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How Big Is a 1 Carat Diamond?

How Big Is a 1 Carat Diamond size

Buying a diamond, whether for yourself or as the center stone in an engagement ring for that special someone, is an exciting time. However, a lot of decisions go into selecting the perfect diamond. Every diamond is unique and has qualities that make it special.

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Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

Are Diamonds A Good Investment

In a world where the global economy is constantly in flux, investors are always searching for stable, reliable opportunities. While stocks and cryptocurrency can be subject to unpredictable fluctuations, diamonds emerge as a bastion of consistency. Many wonder, "Are diamonds a good investment?" The answer lies in their enduring appeal.

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