Pink Diamonds for a Blushing

May 14, 2015

With any luck, the engagement ring you're given will be on your finger a long time.  And because it's the ring everyone looks at when they first glance at your hand, it's important that it’s beautiful and makes the right impression. VMK has a brand new collection of fancy pink diamonds, and we think they are a great choice of stone for the ring on your fourth finger.

If you've never seen a pink diamondbefore, then be prepared to be wowed.  They are incredibly beautiful and often extremely valuable since they are a scarce commodity.   The vast majority come from the Argyle Mine, in Western Australia, and every one mined is highly prized.  To get an idea of just how rare they are, only one out of every 1 million carats of rough diamonds produced is judged good enough to sell.

In fact, a pink diamond can actually cost far more than it's white equivalent – which means that they're as popular with traditionalists like Queen Elizabeth to trend-setters like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey.  Graded in shades - faint, light, fancy and vivid – the general rule is the stronger the color, the higher the price!

So what to do if you're a bride on a budget?  Don't despair – there are plenty of affordable options, starting at under $7,000.  For instance, look at VMK's 'Light Pink Heart Shape Double Halo Diamond Ring.'
It's a tremendously romantic ring, set in white gold and weighing 1.1 carat.

Or what about something more unusual, in the form of a square shape?  Take a look at our Fancy Light Purplish Pink Cushion Diamond, Double Halo Ring.  Weighing just under a carat, it's white gold setting and double halo make it an original choice.

Of course, if you have a bit  more to spend, and are ready to push out the boat, why not go for our Fancy Purplish Pink Cushion Diamond Halo Ring?  With its pave-set diamonds, it's a piece that's guaranteed to dazzle.

VMK also sells diamond earrings, and not just in fancy pink but a range of colors.  They're a wonderful addition to any engagement ring.

Click here to see more items from our pink diamond collection.

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