Pretty in Pink: Unveiling the Mystique of Pink Diamonds

June 27, 2023

Throughout history, pink diamonds have held a special place in the hearts and minds of people from different cultures. In ancient times, these rare gems were considered a symbol of wealth, luxury, and prestige. Royalty and nobility adorned themselves with pink diamonds to display power and social standing.

In more recent times, the discovery of the Argyle mine in Western Australia, known for producing a significant portion of the world's pink diamonds, brought these colored diamonds into the spotlight. Pink diamonds from this mine became a cultural phenomenon, representing the rugged beauty of the Australian outback and captivating the imagination of jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Pink diamonds mine argyle in western australia

The Value of Pink Diamonds

The rarity of pink diamonds translates into significant value and investment potential. Their scarcity, combined with the growing demand from collectors and investors, has led to a consistent appreciation in their worth over the years.

When it was operating, the Argyle Mine in Western Australia produced about 90% of the world's pink diamonds, with the other 10% coming from mines in Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia, and Canada. However, pink diamonds have become even rarer since the Argyle Mine closed in 2020, making them even more valuable.

Pink diamonds are found in a wide range of shades, from delicate blush to intense vivid pink. The color of a pink diamond is determined by its hue, tone, and saturation. Hue refers to the overall color of the diamond, while tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the color. Saturation refers to the intensity of the color.

The most valuable pink diamonds are those with a strong pink hue, a light tone, and a high saturation. These diamonds are often described and rated as "fancy vivid pink" or "fancy intense pink".


Symbolism and Meaning of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are often imbued with symbolism that resonates with their wearers, including:

  • Love and Romance: Pink diamonds are frequently associated with love and romance and evoke feelings of tenderness and affection, making them perfect for engagement rings and other tokens of love.
  • Prosperity and Abundance: These colored gems represent wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Their rarity and value have made them a symbol of luxury and good fortune, serving as a reminder of the bountiful aspects of life.
  • Joy and Optimism: Pink diamonds' vibrant and cheerful shades induce a sense of joy, happiness, and optimism. Wearing pink diamonds can uplift the spirit and serve as a constant reminder to embrace positivity and celebrate life's moments.
  • Femininity and Grace: Pink diamonds have long been associated with femininity and elegance. From soft to vibrant hues, these have long signified the power of the female spirit, delicacy, and inner strength.

Because of the dreamy imagery linked to pink diamonds, they have become a popular choice for engagement rings or jewelry pieces that celebrate other milestones.


How to Choose a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

When choosing the perfect pink diamond engagement ring, there are several factors to consider, from the '4Cs,' of diamonds to the cut of the stone and the setting.

pink diamonds

The 4Cs of Pink Diamonds

The traditional 4Cs—color, cut, clarity, and carat weight—apply to pink diamonds as just as they do to other diamonds. However, each factor takes on a unique significance when evaluating pink diamonds.

  • Color is undoubtedly the most important factor in pink diamonds - the more intense and evenly distributed the pink color, the more valuable the diamond.
  • Cut plays a crucial role in enhancing the stone's beauty and maximizing its brilliance. Optimal proportions and precision are key in showcasing the diamond's unique pink hue.
  • Clarity refers to the presence of internal and external flaws, with higher clarity grades adding to the value.
  • Carat weight determines the size of the diamond, with larger pink diamonds commanding higher prices.

Pink Diamond Shapes

Pink diamonds are available in a variety of captivating cuts. Round pink diamonds exude timeless elegance, while cushion and Asscher cut diamonds add a touch of vintage allure. For a sleek and sophisticated look, consider emerald cut pink diamonds, which showcase the stone's clarity and color.

pink diamond cut


Setting Styles for Pink Diamonds

The setting of an engagement ring can significantly enhance the beauty and presence of a pink diamond. Popular options include solitaire, halo, and pave settings, which provide a stunning backdrop for the center stone, allowing its pink radiance to shine.

jewellry with pink diamonds


Pink Diamond Accents and Complementary Gemstones

Adding pink diamond accents or side stones to an engagement ring design can elevate its overall appeal. Additionally, complementary gemstones such as white, blue, or yellow diamonds can beautifully complement the pink center stone, creating a stunning contrast.


Customize a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

For a truly unique and personalized engagement ring, consider a custom design option. Many reputable jewelers, including VMK Diamonds, sell loose diamonds, enabling clients to select the perfect stone and bring their vision to life with a one-of-a-kind pink diamond engagement ring design.

A pink diamond is a rare and beautiful gemstone that will capture the heart of anyone lucky enough to own one. If you are looking for a truly unique and special engagement ring, a pink diamond is a perfect choice.


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