Fancy deep brown diamond ring, 2.35 carat

This gorgeous 14K white gold ring has a 2.02 carat oval cut fancy deep brown diamond (IGI certified) graciously complimented with 36 diamonds that create a stunning halo and diamond encrusted band (0.33 carats of colors D-F VS1 stones) for a total diamond weight of 2.35 carats.
14 K White Gold

The Grandeur of Weight

2.35 Carat of Radiant Elegance

This exquisite 14K white gold ring features a stunning total diamond weight of 2.35 carats, making it a symbol of opulence and grace. Centered around a 2.02 carat oval cut fancy deep brown diamond, this piece epitomizes luxury. It's a quintessential 2 carat diamond ring, offering substantial presence and undeniable brilliance.


The Allure of Color

Fancy Deep Brown: A Hue of Sophistication

The centerpiece of this ring is a fancy deep brown diamond, a rare and captivating hue that adds a unique character to the piece. This brown diamond ring not only stands out for its distinct color but also for the way it reflects light, creating an enchanting and warm glow. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding rings that break from tradition while maintaining an air of classic elegance.


Clarity and Brilliance

VS2 Clarity: The Mark of Purity and Light

Is VS2 clarity good? Absolutely. The halo and band diamonds are of VS1 clarity, ensuring minimal inclusions and maximum light reflection. This clarity grade contributes to the ring's overall brilliance, making it a perfect choice for women who desire diamond rings that sparkle with purity and sophistication.


The Elegance of Cut

Oval Diamond Ring: Timeless and Trendy

The oval cut of the main diamond enhances this ring's charm, offering a contemporary twist to the classic diamond ring. An oval diamond engagement ring like this provides a flattering elongation effect on the finger, making it a sought-after style. The halo diamond ring design, encrusted with 36 diamonds, augments the oval diamond's shape, creating a harmonious and eye-catching look.

This Fancy Deep Brown Diamond Ring, weighing 2.35 carats and featuring an oval cut diamond ring design, is more than just jewelry. It's a testament to timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, perfect for marking life's most precious moments, be it an engagement, wedding, or a personal milestone.