Fancy green diamond ring, 2.12 carat

This six-pointer diamond ring features a 1.01 carat pear cut fancy yellow green diamond in the center that will light up any room. The double halo around the center stone is a special combination of white diamonds (0.56 carats) and pink diamonds (0.55 carats)
18 K White Gold

The Perfect Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring 

Discover the epitome of elegance and unique charm with our exquisite pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, which symbolizes love and commitment most beautifully. With its eye-catching 1.01 carat pear-shaped centerpiece, this ring exudes a rare brilliance and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for that particular moment.

Crafted meticulously, this ring features a stunning 1 carat pear cut diamond. It is renowned for its unique diamond shape that blends the best of the brilliant cut with an extraordinary silhouette. The pear-shaped or teardrop diamond is a popular choice among couples looking for a solitaire engagement ring that stands out. Its remarkable cut ensures a dazzling light display, creating an enchanting, romantic, and elegant effect.

Surrounding the central stone is a double halo setting that enhances the ring's allure. This setting includes a combination of white and pink diamonds, totaling 0.56 and 0.55 carats, respectively. These diamonds and gemstones add a colorful contrast and amplify the ring's overall brilliance. The white diamonds radiate a classic beauty, while the pink diamonds bring a touch of whimsy and warmth, making the ring an exceptional choice for a wedding ring.

As a pear-shaped engagement ring, this piece is more than just an accessory; it's a statement of style and personality. Its distinctive shape makes it popular for those who appreciate tradition and individuality. The 1 carat pear-shaped diamonds are handpicked for their quality, ensuring the best value for our customers.


The Center Stone 1 Carat Weight Green Diamond

Step into the world of exquisite engagement ring settings with our captivating 1.01 carat, pear-shaped green diamond centerpiece. This exceptional piece is a testament to the allure of fancy shapes in luxury jewelry.

The ring set features an eye-catching 1 carat pear-shaped diamond, renowned for its unique, fancy shape that draws attention. At the heart of this masterpiece is a yellow-green diamond, merging serene and vibrant hues in a display of natural beauty. Its high cut grade maximizes brilliance, making the stone appear larger and more radiant.

Encircling this splendid green diamond is a double halo of carefully selected white and pink diamonds. These loose diamonds weigh 0.56 carats for the white and 0.55 carats for the pink, offering a striking contrast that elevates the ring's magnificence and sophistication.

Set in a refined white gold solitaire, the design provides a sturdy foundation for the stones and contributes to the ring's overall aesthetic appeal. The solitaire setting is a timeless choice for engagement rings, embodying eternal elegance.

Meticulous attention to detail marks the design of the ring. Each diamond is symmetrically aligned, ensuring a harmonious balance that enhances the visual allure. This precision in symmetry plays a crucial role in making this ring a stunning choice for those moments that matter.


The Fancy Yellow Green Diamond

The central 1.01-carat pear-shaped yellow-green diamond immediately captures attention with its unique color and brilliance. This rare gem, exuding a blend of yellow and green hues, is a true testament to nature's beauty and rarity. Its pear shape cut enhances the stone's natural colors and adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the design.

Encasing this stunning centerpiece is a double halo setting that elevates the jewelry's allure. The inner halo, adorned with 0.56 carats of pristine white diamonds, creates a striking contrast, amplifying the vivid tones of the yellow-green diamond. These white diamonds are chosen for their exceptional clarity and brilliance, ensuring they complement the centerpiece flawlessly.

The outer halo, graced with 0.55 carats of delicate pink diamonds, introduces a soft, romantic aura to the piece. The subtle pink hues blend seamlessly with the vibrant central diamond, adding depth and dimension to the design. Careful selection of these pink diamonds ensures they are more than just decorative elements; they bring a sense of harmony and grace to the jewelry.

Combining these precious stones results in a masterpiece that balances boldness and elegance. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the precise setting of each diamond to the overall symmetry and balance of the piece.

This jewelry is more than an accessory; it's a statement of luxury and artistry. Ideal for special occasions or as a treasured addition to a sophisticated collection, it stands as a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty. This piece is not just for wearing; it is designed for cherishing and admiring, becoming an heirloom that passes through generations.


Double Halo of White Diamonds and Pink Diamonds

The captivating Yellow Diamond centerpiece is gracefully surrounded by a double halo, meticulously crafted to enhance its splendor. The first halo, embracing the central gem, is adorned with finely selected white diamonds weighing 0.56 carats. Skilled artisans skillfully arrange these sparkling diamonds to form a seamless circle, reflecting light with every movement, creating a radiant aura that accentuates the central diamond's unique hue.

The second halo, a delicate and romantic touch, is encrusted with pink diamonds totaling 0.55 carats. These blush-toned gems add a soft, warm glow, contrasting exquisitely with the bright sparkle of the white diamonds. This thoughtful combination of pink and white diamonds creates a harmonious balance of colors, symbolizing the union of elegance and passion.

This jewelry piece is more than an accessory; it's a work of art that tells a story of refined craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Every diamond, carefully chosen and precisely set, contributes to the overall magnificence of this masterpiece. The double halo design amplifies the central stone's beauty and adds depth and dimension, making the piece a true standout in any collection.

This jewelry embodies luxury and sophistication, perfect for special occasions or as a cherished gift. Its timeless design ensures it will be treasured for generations, symbolizing enduring beauty and grace. As you wear this piece, let it be a reminder of the exquisite beauty life offers.


How to wear a 1 carat pear shaped diamond?

Wearing a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond is elegant and sophisticated, exceptionally crafted into a stunning pear-shaped engagement ring. This exquisite piece of jewelry, boasting a central pear-shaped diamond ring, exemplifies style and a sense of uniqueness.

Pear-cut diamonds are known for their teardrop shape, combining the brilliance and design characteristics of round and marquise cuts. This distinct shape, often graded as excellent or ideal, is renowned for its ability to achieve maximum brilliance. When set in a ring, a 1 pear-shaped diamond catches the light spectacularly, creating a dazzling display visible even to the naked eye.

One of the advantages of a pear-shaped diamond ring is its ability to appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight due to its elongated shape. This makes a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond an excellent choice for those seeking prominence and elegance in their jewelry. Furthermore, when a pear-shaped diamond is certified by a reputable institution like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), you can be assured of its quality and authenticity.

When it comes to styling, a pear-shaped engagement ring is incredibly versatile. It can be worn with the point facing either up or down the finger, allowing different aesthetic effects. Pointing towards the nail elongates the finger, making it popular for those looking to accentuate slender fingers.

To enhance the beauty of a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond, pairing it with complementary jewelry is critical. For instance, thin, delicate bands or bracelets can highlight the diamond's size and shape while avoiding overshadowing the ring's unique character.