Fancy Black Diamonds the most coveted gemstones

Fancy black diamonds just may be the most coveted gemstones worn on red carpets and couture runways worldwide. Commonly referred to as Carbonados, meaning “charred” in Portuguese, their ashy black color holds an almost magnetic appeal and seems to hide a secret deep within. The depth and mystery of these beautiful stones has captured the attention of some of today’s most popular celebrities, couture fashion designers, and jewelry collectors.

Although black diamonds are relatively common in nature, it is rare to find a gem-quality black diamond suitable for jewelry or a collection. Many black diamonds are synthetically enhanced with HTHP (high-temperature, high-pressure) treatment to improve their durability and coloration. These enhanced black diamonds are significantly cheaper than natural black diamonds. All fancy black diamonds should come with a certificate to guarantee their origins and that they’re untreated.


Black diamonds are primarily mined in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

Cause of Color

The solid black color in black diamonds is, in fact, an optical illusion caused by many dark inclusions scattered evenly throughout the diamond. Little is known about what causes these impurities, although theories abound. Some postulate that black diamonds have extraterrestrial origins and arrived on earth in a meteor, while more conventional scientists hold that black is just another resultant color of the normal diamond formation process.

Famous Black Diamonds

The world’s largest cut black diamond, and also the fifth largest diamond in the world, is the stunning Spirit of de Grisogono, weighing in a whopping 312.24 carats. This supersize stone is mounted in a white gold ring and set with 702 colorless diamonds, weighing 36.69 carats in total!

Another stunningly unique black diamond is the Gruosi Diamond, the largest heart shaped black diamond in the world. Cutting the diamond to its 115.34 carat heart shape took almost three years because of the diamond’s imperfections and inconsistencies.

Other remarkable black diamonds include:

  • The Table of Islam, cut to 160.18 carats in a beautiful emerald shape. The last time this diamond was seen was at an auction in Asia in the 1980s, and some question whether it actually exists or not.
  • The Korloff Noir is a round-cut black diamond with a history shrouded in secrets. Cut from a 421 carat black stone, the diamond weighs 88 carats and sports 57 perfect facets.
  • The Black Orlov is a cushion-cut 67.50 carat beauty with unknown origins. Legend has it that it was named after a Russian princess who owned the diamond during the mid-1700s, and that it was discovered in the eye of an idol in Pondicherry, India.

Investing in Fancy Black Diamonds

In comparison to other fancy colors such as red, blue and green, black diamonds are relatively common in nature. However of the mass amounts of black diamonds that are mined, most are not gem quality due to their porous structures and uneven coloration. A natural, gem-quality black diamond is a real rarity. Combined with its highly desirable coloring, fancy black diamonds fetch extremely high prices in the marketplace. Collectors, enthusiasts and investors alike are always looking out for these beautiful specimens as their value steadily increases.

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