About Rare Fancy Chameleon Color-Change Diamonds

Chameleon diamonds are unlike any natural diamonds — they are the only diamonds that are able to change color based on environmental conditions. Since the recent discovery of these unfathomable beauties, fancy chameleon diamonds have quickly become a prized commodity for collectors.

The classic chameleon diamond possesses a dark greyish-yellow green color, similar to that of a wine bottle. The stable color can sometimes be extremely similar to that of a green diamond, the only difference being the ability to change color.

A chameleon diamonds possesses two features that enable it to change color based on different heating and lighting conditions. Its photochromic features will cause its color to darken when stored in a dark place over a long period of time, and its thermochromic features will cause it to temporarily change to a darker color when exposed to high heat.

There are two types of chameleon diamonds: the classic chameleon which is dark in its stable state and changes to a lighter color, and the scarcer reverse chameleon, which changes from orange to a yellow-green color.

Chameleons are quite rare and expensive, with their market catered specifically to big budget collectors. The world’s largest and most famous chameleon diamond, weighing in at a whopping 31 carats, was purchased by Switzerland-based jewelry company Chopard.