How to Care for Your Jewelry

How to Care For Your Diamond

Although a diamond is the hardest substance known on earth, it can still be damaged by a sharp blow. And it’s strength won’t save it from being misplaced or falling out of reach.

How to Store Diamonds

Take your diamond off and put it in a safe place when doing anything requiring lots of work with your hands  or involving water, such as dishwashing, swimming, or cooking.

Never put the diamond jewelry near an open drain – not worth the risk!

Remember to put the diamond in a secure location that is unusual but memorable, or in a dedicated jewelry drawer or safe.

How to Clean Diamonds

You can soak diamond jewelry in warm water and mild dishwashing soap, shampoo or body wash, and clean with a soft toothbrush. Be sure not to use a soap that contains moisturizers – they might leave a film behind.

Alternatively, you can soak the diamond in equal parts ammonia and cold water for half an hour and let it air dry. Note: Use this method with diamonds only because ammonia can damage other stones.

Lastly, you could use a brand-name jewelry cleaner and follow instructions on the package

How to Care for Your Platinum Jewelry

How to Store Platinum Jewelry

Keep platinum jewelry separate from other items so that they do not scratch or get scratched by them. A good place to store platinum jewelry is in a jewelry box or chamois bag.

How to Clean Platinum Jewelry

Clean platinum in the same way you clean other fine jewelry - using pre-packaged jewelry cleaner or by soaking it in a mild solution of 50% ammonia and 50% warm water and then gently rubbing it with a soft cloth.

It’s a good practice to have platinum jewelry polished and cleaned by a qualified jeweler twice a year. Remember that all metal can be scratched, however with platinum the metal has been displaced, not lost.

As with all other jewelry, platinum jewelry should not be worn when working with your hands or using harsh chemicals. While the platinum itself may not be damaged, embedded gemstones could be damaged, and an allergic reaction with your skin can occur if trapped between the a platinum ring and your finger.

How to Care for Your Gold Jewelry

How to Store Gold Jewelry

Always keep gold jewelry in a box lined with satin or velvet. Pouches are problematic, because gold pieces will rub together and wear away over time. If you have more than one item in a box, you can wrap the smaller pieces in tissue paper or plastic wrap to guard against scratches.

Remember to remove all pieces before entering swimming pools, as chlorine can erode this soft metal. It’s an additional risk because stones can fall out of their settings.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

The principles of cleaning are the same for all types of gold.

You should use warm water and detergent-free soap, or specific gold cleaning products. For detailed designs, you can use a soft-bristled brush to clean small crevices.

Once in a while, you can drop your gold jewelry one at a time into boiling water with a pinch of baking soda. After 30 seconds, pull the piece from the water and wipe it with a cloth.

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