Blue Diamond 0.70 Carat PEAR Shape, Clarity VS2


The Allure of The Grayish Blue Sky in a Gem

There's something about the color blue that captivates the soul. It's the essence of the vast sky and the mystic sea. Blue signifies purity and tranquility, qualities we earnestly integrate into each of our custom-designed, Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond pieces. At Jewelry Point, we're not just artisans; we are dream-weavers, giving tangible form to the beauty of nature.


The Distinctiveness of Natural Colored Diamonds

Natural Colored Diamonds are a world unto themselves, a language of hues speaking volumes. Unlike their colorless counterparts, these diamonds dance on the spectrum of color, each a unique note in a symphonic masterpiece. The Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond sits at this juncture—a magical intersection between the charm of blue and the mystique of gray. It's as if a piece of the Arctic sky was captured just for you.


Clarity That Speaks Volumes: VS2

When it comes to diamond clarity, our VS2 rating assures you of near-perfection. VS2 indicates that imperfections are barely discernible, even to a trained eye under 10x magnification. In simpler terms, it's your assurance of a diamond that emanates pure brilliance, further accentuated by its exotic color.


The 0.70 Carat of Pure Magnetism

You might wonder, "How much is a blue diamond worth?" Our 0.70-carat diamond is competitively priced at $2,046, a sum that pales in comparison to the lifelong joy and elegance this gem will bring into your life. A 0.70-carat diamond is a superb balance between size and cost, giving you just the right amount of sparkle to draw attention but not overwhelm.


The Grace of Pear Shape

The pear shape isn't just another cut; it's a statement. Echoing the teardrop, it offers a slimming effect that elongates the finger, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings and elegant pieces. Plus, its cut isn't standardized, meaning you can tailor the proportions to your personal preference.


A Love Affair with Blue Diamond Rose Gold Rings

At VMKDiamonds, we believe that the true beauty of a gemstone comes alive when it's set in the perfect environment. Nothing exemplifies this more than the union of our Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond with the warm, romantic hues of rose gold. When these elements come together, it's not just jewelry; it's a celestial harmony, a sumptuous blend of earth and sky. This combination is a perfect marriage of rich color and intricate texture, manifesting as a blue diamond rose gold ring that's nothing short of a masterpiece. What makes this offering even more special is our bespoke customization service. Imagine this ethereal Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond, with its alluring color and near-perfect VS2 clarity, set in a rose gold setting designed by none other than you.


Crafting Your Dream with Us

Interested in customizing your gem? Our Jewelry Experts are skilled artisans, ready to transform your dream into a masterpiece. From initial sketches to wax replicas and the final polish, your unique vision undergoes a fascinating journey. In few days, your custom-designed piece, infused with your essence, will be ready for you to cherish forever.

At VMKDiamonds, we don't just sell gems; we craft experiences. So, whether you're looking to invest in a Fancy Grayish Blue Diamond or just trying to understand what makes a 0.70-carat diamond so special, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Your dream jewel is just a consultation away.