Fancy Color diamond 0.80 Carat PEAR Shape








A Palette of Exquisite Brilliance - Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds, rarer and more valuable than colorless ones, represent the ultimate in earthly luxury. At vmkdiamonds, we specialize in sourcing these captivating gems for the perfect engagement ring. Whether you're enchanted by pink, bewitched by blue, or captivated by yellow, our design consultants will unearth the perfect stone to make your ring truly unique.

A Legacy of Love – The Heirloom of Colored Diamonds

These colored diamonds don't just offer beauty but also provide an enduring legacy. With a colored diamond from vmkdiamonds, you're not just creating an engagement ring; you're designing an heirloom that will be cherished by generations to come.

The Hidden Beauty - Understanding Diamond Clarity

To fully appreciate the allure of a diamond, one must comprehend diamond color and clarity. Natural diamonds are born from carbon under intense heat and pressure, leading to internal 'inclusions' and external 'blemishes'. Evaluating the clarity involves examining these factors, with near purity equating to superior clarity. Remember, no diamond is absolutely pure, but the closer it is to purity, the better its clarity.

The Pinnacle of Proportion - The 0.80 Carat Pear Cut Diamond

We present you with a meticulously crafted 0.80 carat pear cut diamond, boasting excellent proportions and a grading report from GIA. The pear cut, akin to a teardrop, imparts a subtle slimming effect on the finger, making it an irresistible choice for many.

Teardrops of Brilliance – The Pear Shaped Diamond

What is a pear-shaped diamond? Imagine the marquise and oval cut's love child, a shape that's perfectly rounded on one end and pointed at the other. Pear-shaped diamonds, or teardrop diamonds, are distinctive and highly sought after. Boasting 58 facets of brilliance, they offer an unmatched shine, making the best color diamond for a center stone. Experience the grandeur of pear cut diamonds and create a masterpiece that's sure to inspire awe. Choose a pear cut ring and let your love story sparkle.