Fancy color Diamond 1.06 Carat OVAL Shape








The Exotic Allure – Fancy Colored Diamonds

Rarer than their colorless counterparts, fancy colored diamonds are the ultimate embodiment of beauty. Specializing in these vibrant gems for engagement rings, vmkdiamonds curates a dazzling array of pink, blue, and yellow diamond pieces. To make your ring genuinely unique, consider incorporating one of these colored diamonds into your design.

A Heirloom of Exceptional Worth – Colored Diamonds

Rare and precious, a colored diamond is not just an ornament; it's an heirloom. By opting for a colored diamond, you create a legacy to be treasured for many generations.

The Beauty beneath – Diamond Color and Clarity

Understanding the clarity of a diamond requires a dive into its creation. Natural diamonds are carbon exposed to earth's intense heat and pressure, leading to 'inclusions' and 'blemishes'. Evaluating clarity involves assessing these features. Remember, though no diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it is to purity, the better its clarity.

The Gem of Grace - The 1.06 Carat Oval Cut Diamond

Featuring excellent proportions and a diamond grading report from GIA, our 1.06 carat oval cut diamond stands out. The elongated shape of oval cut diamonds flatters the fingers and offers a sense of timeless elegance.

The Charm of Oval – Choosing an Oval Cut Ring

Oval cut diamonds are versatile, suiting both contemporary East-West rings and classic styles. However, assessing their quality can be tricky, as they don't receive cut grades from gemological labs, and they might show a dark area, often referred to as a bowtie. Despite this, an oval cut diamond can make a striking centerpiece for your oval cut wedding ring. Familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of this shape, and let us guide you in choosing the best oval-cut diamond for your budget.