Yellow diamond, 3.50 carat, marquise shape, i1 clarity

A beautiful smoky yellow marquise weighing 3.50 ct. graded by the - GIA (the Gemological Institute of America), as fancy light yellow I1. certificate number : 6224733400 hand picked by our specialists to get the best allure and sparkle.

The Enchanting Hue - Fancy Light Yellow

Experience the mesmerizing charm of our Fancy Light Yellow diamond, a natural wonder graded by the renowned GIA (Gemological Institute of America). This exquisite gemstone boasts a smoky yellow color, reminiscent of golden sunrays, and is a standout choice in our selection of natural yellow diamonds. It’s not just a stone, but a piece of the sun captured in a diamond, perfect for those who appreciate the luxurious allure of fancy yellow gems.


Grandeur in Weight - The 3.50 Carat Majesty

Our yellow diamond, weighing an impressive 3.50 carats, is a testament to its grand size and remarkable presence. Each carat contributes to its significant stature, making it a prestigious choice in our beautiful collection of 3.5 carat diamonds. This gem exemplifies perfection in proportions and symmetry, ensuring a dazzling display of light and brilliance.


Elegance in Shape - The Marquise Cut

Crafted into the elegant marquise shape, this diamond combines classic sophistication with modern allure. The marquise cut, known for its ability to elongate and flatter, maximizes the diamond’s visual size, making it a unique and striking choice. This selection of marquise diamond cuts in our inventory is designed to enhance the stone's intrinsic beauty and sparkle.


Clarity Defined - I1 Clarity Grade

With an I1 clarity grade, this yellow diamond presents a genuine and authentic look into the heart of the earth. The visible inclusions, unique to each stone, add character and individuality. Choosing an I1 clarity diamond means embracing the diamond's natural characteristics, where each inclusion tells a story of its journey from deep within the earth.


Beyond a Diamond - Custom Jewelry Ideas

While this stunning diamond stands out on its own, it also offers exciting possibilities for custom jewelry creations. Imagine it as the heart of a marquise diamond engagement ring or elegantly set in a solitaire engagement setting. Paired with yellow gold, it could transform into a vintage-inspired masterpiece, ideal for those looking to incorporate this gem into wedding rings or other bespoke jewelry designs.


A Jewel of Unmatched Beauty

This 3.50 carat Fancy Light Yellow diamond is more than just a gemstone; it's a promise of elegance, exclusivity, and timeless beauty. Whether set in a diamond engagement ring or showcased as a solitaire piece, it's sure to be the centerpiece of any jewelry collection. Embrace the opportunity to own or gift a piece of the earth's treasured creation. Discover the potential of this marquise yellow diamond to bring your vision of the perfect piece of jewelry to life.