Fancy Color Diamond 1.17 Carat HEART Shape Cut


1.17 Carat






A World of Color - The Vibrancy of Fancy Colored Diamonds

At vmkdiamonds, we believe life is more vibrant in color. Specializing in the enchanting world of fancy colored diamonds, we offer a stunning palette of hues for you to choose from. Our collection boasts an array of intense yellows, pinks, blues, and greens. Dive into the chromatic charm of our fancy colored diamonds and let them be the centerpiece of your custom jewelry or diamond heart ring.


The Color Spectrum – Variations and Value

Fancy colored diamonds come in an array of shades as varied as a rainbow. The rarest hues include red, green, purple, and orange, followed by pink and blue. While yellows and browns are more common, they’re often considered less valuable. Yet, their unique allure is undeniable and continues to captivate many.


Unveiling the Clarity – A Peek into Diamond Formation

Unraveling the clarity of a diamond requires an understanding of its creation. Born from carbon under the earth's tremendous heat and pressure, natural diamonds may have internal 'inclusions' and external 'blemishes'. These characteristics shape the diamond's overall clarity.


A Symbol of Love - The 1.17 Carat Heart Cut Diamond

The heart cut diamond, a romantic symbol of love, brings a unique sweetness to engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Our 1.17 carat heart cut diamond offers this feminine charm, making it an ideal choice for rose gold settings, or halo and pavé styles.


Understanding the Hue – The Importance of Diamond Color

Color forms a crucial component of a diamond's 4C's. However, 'color' in diamond terminology often refers to an absence of color in white diamonds. These diamonds are graded on a scale of 23 shades, from 'colorless' (D-E-F) to 'near colorless' (G-H-I-J), and K-Z with slight color traces. Knowing these nuances helps you select the best color diamond for your heart shaped diamond jewelry.