Special Brilliant Round cut natural diamonds 0.96 carat each

We bring you these special natural diamonds, a unique pair that is large for its category; please note you can purchase them separately (2,066USD/2,008USD)

Special Diamonds

 This round brilliant-cut diamond was chosen due to its rare size and colorless appearance. finding diamonds between the size of 0.95-0.99 is rare.Furthermore, unlike most diamonds of this size our diamond has the proportion of a 1ct diamond (over 6mm), a 1ct diamond will have a 30% jump in you are buying a 0.96ct diamond that looks like a 1ct - that's value.

Special Cut

The round brilliant cut is the best way to cut a round-shaped diamond. The process enhances the diamond's sparkle, reflecting colorless shine.  

Clarity characteristics

 Lower clarity makes the price attractive, rest assure our specialist hand picked this diamond for that reason exactly, lower clarity does not always mean the diamond is not good, keep in mind that clarity is based on examining the diamond at 10x magnification, so you can be sure that this diamond is eye clean with no visible carbon inclusions. So you get the best of both - clean diamond - good value for money.  


 This round brilliant cut natural diamond has a perfect finish on all GIA's grades - Excellent cut, polish, and symmetry.  

Laser inscription 

 The diamond's girdle bears a laser inscription of its GIA certificate number, a unique identifier assigned to each graded diamond.


K color 6.30x6.34x3.93(mm)

L color 6.31x6.35x3.90(mm)

Our diamond has a diameter of a 1-carat diamond, making it a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a 1-carat diamond.


 The diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America - the highest grading standard in the world, each diamond is given a unique certificate number known as a GIA number, in our case the numbers are 2468395251 & 7483407607. Additionally, this number is laser inscribed on the girdle, which can be seen in the photos attached.

please see the attached video and pictures of these Round Brilliants and the certificate, we hope to hear from you soon, act fast before they are sold.*note if you wish to buy them separately that is acceptable the price for the K color diamond is 2,066 USD and the price for the L color diamond is 2,008 USD follow these links to continue. 

L color SI2 0.96ct 2,008 USD

K color SI2 0.96ct 2,066 USD

Special Brilliant round cut natural diamond 0.96 carat, special round, 90 points looks like 1ct