Eternity band cushion cuts 6.21 total carat

A beautiful eternity band created from 17 cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds, weighing in at 6.21 carats, and set in 18K yellow gold.
18 K Yellow Gold


The Radiance of Color - Embracing Fancy Light Yellow

Step into a world of warmth and radiance with our eternity band, showcasing 17 cushion cut diamonds in Fancy Light Yellow. These natural yellow diamonds, with their captivating golden glow, are reminiscent of the legendary canary diamond engagement rings. Each stone is a handpicked wonder, together creating a seamless palette of vibrant hues that symbolize opulence and grace.


Collective Brilliance - 6.21 Carats of Splendor

This diamond eternity band is a collective masterpiece, totaling 6.21 carats across 17 diamonds. The combined weight represents not just the value inherent in the diamond price but a symphony of light and luxury. Each diamond, contributing to this significant total weight, is meticulously calibrated for uniformity, ensuring the band's continuous flow of splendor and harmony.


The Cushion Cut - A Legacy of Elegance

Each diamond in this band is shaped into the timeless cushion cut, a blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. Known for its rounded corners and large facets, the cushion cut maximizes brilliance and fire. This cushion diamond wedding ring, with its perfectly proportioned and symmetrically aligned diamonds, captures and reflects light beautifully, especially when exposed to UV light, revealing a mesmerizing display.


Craftsmanship in Setting - Enshrined in Yellow Gold

The artistry of this eternity band extends to its setting - each diamond is nestled in 18K yellow gold, a choice that enhances the fancy yellow hue of the stones. The yellow gold setting not only secures each gem but also adds a touch of timeless elegance, making this band a perfect choice for an eternity band engagement ring or a significant milestone celebration.


A Circle of Eternal Beauty

This cushion cut eternity band, totaling 6.21 carats, is more than a piece of jewelry—it's a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Ideal for those seeking an extraordinary diamond engagement ring or a testament to lifelong devotion. As an eternity wedding band, it represents unbroken unity and enduring allure. Each stone in the band works in concert, creating a circle of beauty that's both eye-catching and heartwarming. Embrace the endless journey of love with this exquisite assembly of cushion-shaped, eye-clean diamonds, where elegance and emotion intertwine.