What Is an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond?

January 03, 2024

While the classic cushion cut, with its square silhouette and soft corners, has always held a timeless charm, the elongated, more rectangular version, known as an elongated cushion cut diamond, takes it to a whole new level. Imagine the brilliance of a cushion cut infused with a touch of modern sophistication, creating a diamond that flatters the finger, enhances sparkle, and exudes an air of exclusivity.


Elongated Cushion Cut VS. Classic Cushion Cut: What's the Difference?

What exactly defines the elongated cushion cut? It's all about that length-to-width ratio. While the classic cushion cut typically falls within a 1:1 to 1:1.05 range, the elongated version's ratio is approximately 1:1.15 to 1:1.40. This subtle shift in proportions makes a world of difference. The diamond appears slimmer on the finger, creating an illusion of length, perfect for those who desire a flattering sparkle.

Here is a look at anelongated cushion cut fancy yellow diamond

elongated cushion cut fancy yellow diamond


The Pros and Cons of an Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond

The benefits of choosing an elongated cushion cut go beyond mere aesthetics. This diamond shines with its own set of advantages:

Finger Flattery: As we mentioned, the elongated silhouette elongates the finger visually, making it appear slimmer and more delicate. It's perfect for those who want their diamond to add a touch of grace to their hand.

Hide Inclusions: The larger facets and unique faceting pattern of the elongated cushion cut create a mesmerizing play of light while being able to mask slight inclusions. This is especially important if choosing a diamond with a lower clarity grade.

Larger Appearance: Because of their elongated shape, these diamonds can appear bigger than their actual carat weight, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers.

Versatility: The diamond shape works well for various settings, from the classic solitaire to the trendy halo and vintage elegance to modern minimalism.

Uniqueness: While the classic cushion cut is still a beloved choice, the elongated version offers a shape that's not just beautiful but a little different.

However, you may encounter some challenges when searching for an elongated cushion cut diamond, including:

Small Selection: Compared to other traditional and fancy diamond shapes, the elongated cushion cut is simply less popular, so the selection of diamonds to choose from will inherently be smaller.

The Bowtie Effect: While elongated cushion cuts offer stunningly sleek proportions, some may show a subtle shadow resembling the shape of a bowtie in the center. Some people may view a faint bowtie as a unique characteristic, while others don't like the look.


Are Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Now, to the question on every diamond lover's mind! Certain diamond shapes are more expensive than others, mostly due to how much rough diamond is lost during the cutting process. For example, both elongated and square cushion cuts can be up to 25% less expensive than round cushion cuts of similar size and quality.

Generally speaking, the cost of an elongated cushion-cut diamond and a square cushion-cut diamond of equal quality is about the same since both shapes utilize the rough diamond efficiently, minimizing waste during the cutting process. However, more elongated cushion cut diamonds are rarer than those with more square proportions, which can drive up the price.


How To Choose the Perfect Elongated Cushion Cut

Once you've decided this is the shape for you, here are some key factors to consider to find your perfect diamond:

Cut Quality: This is paramount! A well-proportioned cut maximizes the diamond's brilliance and fire, so select one that is graded as Very Good, Excellent, or Ideal.

Color and Clarity: These two factors determine the diamond's appearance and value. While a colorless, flawless diamond might be your ultimate dream, remember that slight variations in color and clarity can often be invisible to the naked eye and offer significant cost savings.

Carat Weight: This determines the diamond's size and, of course, its price. Consider your budget and finger size when choosing the carat weight that's right for you. Remember, the elongated silhouette can make even a smaller diamond appear visually larger, so don't be afraid to explore the lower carat range.

Fluorescence: Some diamonds exhibit fluorescence, a faint bluish glow under ultraviolet light. While some people prefer a non-fluorescent diamond, others find the subtle glow adds to the stone's beauty. It's a matter of personal preference, so do your research and choose what speaks to you.


Custom Setting Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

When selecting the perfect engagement ring, the quest for something unique and romantic often leads couples to explore various styles and cuts. Among the myriad options, cushion cut diamond engagement rings stand out for their vintage-inspired elegance and romantic charm. But does an elongated cushion-cut engagement ring exist? The answer is a resounding yes!

Elongated cushion cut engagement rings are remarkable for their shape; they also embody a vintage charm with a modern twist. These rings typically feature a cushion cut's classic soft edges with elongated proportions, creating a unique and visibly striking appearance. The elongated shape gives the stone a more prominent appearance, a desirable attribute for many seeking maximum impact with their engagement ring.

When crafted with fewer facets, these diamonds often exhibit a depth and brilliance that is truly captivating. This arrangement of facets, combined with the correct depth percentage and width, enhances the stone's brilliance, making the diamonds appear more luminous and significant than their round counterparts. This feature is especially appealing for those who admire the brilliance of a round stone but desire a more unique and romantic design.

Custom engagement rings with elongated cushion cuts also offer the opportunity to blend modern and vintage elements. Whether set in platinum for a sleek, contemporary look or designed with a vintage-inspired arrangement, these engagement rings exude romantic charm and elegance.

Additionally, selecting a GIA-certified elongated cushion cut ensures the diamond's quality and authenticity, adding an extra layer of assurance to this significant purchase.

In conclusion, elongated cushion cut diamond engagement rings are not only a reality but a stunning choice for those seeking an engagement ring that combines the romantic charm of vintage styles with the brilliance and depth of modern diamond cuts. These engagement ring styles stand out for their unique arrangement, offering a perfect blend of vintage charm and contemporary elegance for your special day.


Lab-Grown Diamonds vs Fancy Colored Diamonds and Elongated Cushion Cut

In exquisite diamonds, fancy colored diamonds increasingly overshadow their lab-grown counterparts, especially in the elongated cushion cut. This comparison delves into the unique allure of these naturally brilliant gems, emphasizing their growing value against lab-created options.

Fancy colored diamonds are highly sought after for their distinctive hues and rarity. Their natural coloring, ranging from subtle to vivid shades, adds unparalleled personalization to jewelry. When crafted into an elongated cushion cut, known for its oval shape with rounded corners, these diamonds appear more prominent and exhibit a captivating brilliance. This cut masterfully balances the stone's intrinsic color with a sparkling allure, creating a visually stunning piece and inherently valuable piece.

The value of fancy colored diamonds has seen a significant uptrend, setting them apart in the investment and collector markets. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, which are brilliant but more common due to their manufactured nature, fancy colored diamonds hold a unique position in terms of rarity and demand. This rarity directly translates to a higher value, making them a wise choice for investing in a piece that appreciates over time.

In contrast, lab-grown diamonds offer brilliance and an eco-friendly option, but they lack the rarity and distinctive shape that fancy colored diamonds provide. Their value in the market, especially when compared to natural colored diamonds, tends to be more static. Although they are a popular choice for those seeking sustainable and affordable brilliance for occasions like weddings, they don't quite match the investment appeal of their naturally colored counterparts.


Embrace the Elongated Sparkle

The elongated cushion cut diamond is more than just a trend; it's a statement of modern elegance and timeless beauty. If you fall in love with this diamond shape, you'll be in good company as celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Natalie Joy all rock the style. By embracing the elongated cushion shape, you'll end up with a diamond that flatters your finger, dazzles with its brilliance, and offers a touch of uniqueness.


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