Green yellow diamond, 0.31 carat, cushion shape, VS2 clarity

A gorgeous lime yellow cushion weighing 0.31ct, graded by the GIA (the Gemological Institute of America), as fancy green yellow VS2, certificate number: 2183462399 hand picked by our specialists to get the best saturation.

A Radiant Gem of Nature 

Dive into the captivating world ofthe lime yellow diamond, a gemstone as unique as it is beautiful. Graded by the GIA as a natural fancy green yellow diamond, this particular stone is a marvel of nature's artistry, demonstrating the intricate interplay of color and clarity in diamonds.


Color: A Symphony of Green and Yellow

 The lime yellow hue of this diamond is a testament to the fascinating processes that give colored diamonds their allure. In green diamonds, the color often results from structural defects produced by radiation exposure, combined with impurities like nitrogen, hydrogen, or nickel. This diamond has achieved a mesmerizing blend of green and yellow, a rare and highly sought-after coloration. Nitrogen impurities in its crystal lattice lend it a distinct yellow hue, while radiation-induced defects, specifically GR1 defects, contribute to its green expression. The resulting green/blue hue, typical of GR1 defects in yellowish diamonds, offers a pure and enchanting green tone.


Weight and Shape: The Elegance of Cushion 

Weighing at 0.31 carat, this diamond perfectly balances size and quality. Its cushion shape, anelegant elongated cushion cut, combines the classic appeal of a square or rectangular cut with rounded corners, delivering both sophistication and brilliance.


Cut and Clarity: Precision and Purity 

Theprecision of the diamond's cut enhances its overall beauty. An expertly executed cut ensures that the stone exhibits remarkable brilliance. In terms of clarity, this diamond is graded as VS2, a high clarity rating that indicates very slight inclusions. These inclusions are not easily visible to the naked eye, preserving the stone's stunning appearance. Understanding how to read diamond clarity is crucial in appreciating the actual value of such a gem.


Fluorescence: A Subtle Dance of Light 

Fluorescence in diamonds, a phenomenon where diamonds emit light when exposed to ultraviolet light, adds another layer of intrigue. This diamond displays medium blue fluorescence, contributing to its unique appearance and potentially affecting its value and desirability.


Investment and Value: A Treasure for Connoisseurs 

When considering theyellow diamond price per carat, it's essential to recognize the intricate factors contributing to its valuation. The rarity of the color, combined with the clarity, cut, and carat weight, all play a role in determining the yellow diamond value. The unique coloration of this diamond, blending natural green and yellow hues, makes it an extraordinary piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


A Symbol of Nature's Artistry 

This lime yellow diamond, with its alluring color, precise cut, and excellent clarity, is a testament to the wonder of natural gemstones. It's not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of the remarkable journey from the depths of the earth to a cherished possession, offering both aesthetic pleasure and the investment potential.