Special 4.23 Cushion Brilliant cut natural diamond

We bring you this special natural diamond, a unique stone that appears larger for its category;

Special Diamond

 Our specialist has handpicked a large natural L color diamond that has a hint of brown and a haze of pink. This GIA certified diamond boasts of top clarity and is full of luster. The diamond has a unique appearance and is a spready diamond, which makes 4.23ct look like a 5ct. It is clean, fiery, and big. When a diamond has low depth, it means that all the diamond weight is concentrated in the table, which makes the diamond look bigger for its category. You won't find another diamond like this one.

Special Cut

 Cushion Brilliant cut is not the usual cut, as it has more polishing facets in the pavilion, which enhances the diamond's shine and sparkle.  

Collector clarity

 Additionally, this diamond is of collector clarity, VVS2, which means it is completely clean with no carbon imperfections.


 This Cushion Modified Brilliant has excellent polish and symmetry, achievable only by a true artist.

Laser inscription 

 The diamond's girdle bears a laser inscription of its GIA certificate number, a unique identifier assigned to each graded diamond.


 In this particular instance, the diamond possesses medium blue fluorescence. In colorless diamonds, this characteristic would be considered a downgrade. However, in diamonds that are colored or of a lower color grade, such as in this particular case, the blue fluorescence helps the diamond look more colorless when viewed from the top, as opposed to appearing yellowish.


 11.60x9.33x5.14(mm) - for a 4ct diamond these are extraordinary measurements, some larger 5 and 6-carat diamonds don't have these measurements.


 The diamond is graded by the Gemological Institute of America - the highest grading standard in the world, each diamond is given a unique certificate number known as a GIA number, in our case the number is 2239166354 . Additionally, this number is laser inscribed on the girdle, which can be seen in the photo attached.

please see the attached video and pictures of the Cushion Brilliant and the certificate, we hope to hear from you soon, act fast before the diamond is sold.

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